Best Nashville Hikes

I moved from Florida to Nashville about 6 years ago. The first thing I was looking forward to was actually hiking something taller than a landfill. I have come to love the hikes in and around the Nashville areas, but it has taken some time to really discover some of my favorites without having to go out east to the Cumberland plateau or Smoky Mountains (lots of great day trips and waterfall hikes out there). So here is my curated list of my favorite hikes in Nashville and the surrounding areas. All of these should be less than a one hour drive from wherever you are and are not paved unless otherwise stated. Enjoy the list and hopefully you will get some new ideas to get outside!

  1. Percy Warner Park (Nashville)

My first has to be Percy Warner Park. This park is my absolute favorite! It has trails of all lengths and difficulties. There are lots of hills and even a great paved trail option. Its the perfect place to feel lost in the woods even though you are just a short drive from Nashville. My favorite season to go is fall, but with all the shade it’s a great summer hike as well. Park at the Percy Warner Golf Course for bathrooms and more parking options than the stairs.

  1. Mossy Ridge Trail (5.3 miles)
  2. Percy Warner Paved Trail (6 miles)
  3. Warner Woods Trail (2.8 miles)
  1. Edwin Warner Park (Nashville)

Only a short drive from Percy Warner Park is its smaller brother Edwin Warner Park. With a great nature center, a small creek for puppies and children to play, and a variety of paved/non paved/flat and not so flat trails, its the perfect escape to nature. Try parking across the street from the Nature Center at the newest park addition, the Burch reserve!

  1. Harpeth Woods Trail (2.5 miles)
  2. Burch Reserve Trail (3 miles)
  3. Edwin Warner Paved Loop (2.5 miles)
  1. Radnor Lake (Nashville)

Radnor Lake has become quite the popular park as of late. I have had mixed feelings for Radnor because of the poor parking options, the crowds, and the inordinate amount of rules around NO RUNNING/EATING/etc. on the trails. Nonetheless, it is a beautiful lake, with beautiful trees and lots of wildlife (I always see turkeys roaming). It is a peaceful natural area. Try parking at the church across the street from the Nature Center entrance (off of Granny White) and take the walk past the cars waiting in line.

  1. Ganier Ridge plus Radnor Lake Loop (4.1 miles)
  2. Radnor Lake Trail Loop – Partially Paved (2.7 miles)
  3. Ganier Ridge and South Cove Trail (4.4 miles)
  1. Beaman Park (Nashville)

I think Beaman park is way underrated and most people don’t know about it. Located in Northwest Nashville, it has a couple hikes that will get your heart rate up and leave you feeling refreshed in Nature. Park at the Nature Center.

  1. Henry Hollow Loop Trail (2.5 miles)
  1. Marcella Vivrette Smith Park (Ravenwood – Brentwood)

A lessor known park is Marcella Vivrette Smith Park, which I just call Ravenwood park because it is where Ravenswood Mansion is. Enjoy rolling hills and long stretches of fields or take the steep red trail up to a cozy overlook. Most of the trails intersect, so you can really mix up the hike to your liking, check out the parks full map here. I suggest to bring a picnic to enjoy around the grounds and catch the sunset.

  1. Blue Trail (2.3 miles)
  2. Black Trail (2.1 miles)
  3. Green Trail (2.4 miles)
  4. Red Trail (1.5 miles)
  1. Long Hunter State Park (Mount Juliet)

Living in a land-locked state can feel overwhelming coming from Florida. The Volunteer Trail and Day Loop are the prefect setting to cast your eyes on Percy Priest Lake and enjoy the sound of waves hitting against cliffs as the boats go by. You can even find a couple spots to bring your fur friend to take a dip. Long Hunter State Park offers some great picnic spots and FLAT trails.

  1. Day Loop Trail (4 miles)
  2. Volunteer Trail (10.7 miles) – Camping is available!
  3. Couchville Lake Loop Trail (2.2 miles) – Paved, No pets allowed
  4. Anderson Road Fitness Trail (1.5 miles) – Paved, Pets allowed
  1. Preservation Park (Spring Hill)

One of my recent finds and new favorites is Preservation Park in Spring Hill. Rolling hills, lush scenery, and farmland views await you. Park at either the Nutro Dog Park and take the Rail Road Trail to Battlefield Trail or park near the Equine Hospital and hop on the Battlefield Trail. Make sure to snap a photo from the top of the hill and bring sunscreen as there is not a lot of shade on the hike (unless you do the Depot Trail). Check out the full park map here.

  1. Battle Field Trail (1.1 miles) plus Rail Road Trail (1.3 miles) – (Together: 2.4 miles)
  2. Battle Field Trail (1.1 miles) plus Depot Trail (1.2 miles) – (Together: 2.3 miles)
  1. Other Noteworthy Hidden Hiking Gems:
  • Heritage Park (Thompson Station)
  1. Alexander Trail (1.5 miles)
  2. Stephen’s Way Trail (2.2 miles)
  • Barfield Crescent Park (Murfreesboro)
  1. Marshall Knobs River Loop (2.6 miles)
  2. Barfield Wilderness Loop Trail (4.4 miles)
  • The Trails at Fontanel (Northwest Nashville)
  1. Fontanel Loop Trail (2.2 miles)
  • Natchez Trace (Franklin)
  1. Old Natchez Trace Garrison Creek Loop Trail (1.3 miles)
  • Spring Hill Battle Field (Spring Hill)
  • Grab a bite at Vikings Pizza and take a short hike up the battlefield hill for some relaxing views of the rolling farmland. Check Here.

I would love to hear from you. What are your favorite Nashville hikes? Did I miss your favorite?! Drop a comment below or leave me a message.

Happy Trails!

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