Favorite Date Nights

Since it is Valentines Day, it’s time to share some great date night ideas! It’s important to always date your spouse well into your marriage, but it’s not uncommon to get caught up in the day to day that you forget to date your partner. These are some of my husband and I’s favorite date nights. So let’s get some ideas flowing for your date night! If you are single, you can always get a group of friends together to do these activities together, these don’t necessarily have to be with a romantic partner. Enjoy!

Date Night Ideas


Grab a blanket, some cheese and bread and enjoy a little outside picnic.

If it’s chilly, consider an indoor picnic or a picnic around a bonfire.


Couples (or friends) who play together, stay together.

Have fun at an indoor arcade like Dave & Busters or a cool video game bar nearby.

Other ideas could be going to a Bowling Alley, Rock Climbing, Ice Skating Rink, axe throwing, laser tag, TopGolf, or Escape Room! There are so many ways to get out and play.

Virtual Cooking Class

Nothing like enjoying a little cooking class from the comfort of your home.

Cooking together creates a challenge that is rewarding emotionally and is yummy!

Get to Know You Game Night

Bring out your inner competitor with a fun game night. Choose a game for Relationship-Building/Romantic, Cooperative, Competitive, or Social.

Maybe spend the evening asking some of these fun get-to-know you questions.

Order a Date Box

Let someone else do the planning and order a Date Box! Chose one that fits your style from crafting, cooking, solving mysteries or going on adventures.

Check this other great Date Box list.

Go to a Movie or a Show

Catch a movie, comedy show, musical, or concert together. Then enjoy some dessert and conversation about it afterwards!

An indoor movie night is always an option. Maybe rent a Popcorn Machine and Projector to make it extra special.

Get Moving

Couples who sweat together, bond better together thanks to your your physiological response to exercise.

Go for a hike, try a couples Yoga class (virtual or not), take a dancing lesson, go kayaking, or do an at-home partner workout!

What are some of your favorite Date Night ideas? Leave a Comment below.

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