Your Pre (or Post) Thanksgiving Turkey Workout

Mash Potatoes, Macaroni, Turkey, Stuffing, Bread Rolls, and Pumpkin Pie. I mean, how can we resist the temptation of all these delicious carbohydrates and sugars! I say, go to town, enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner the way you do. However, show your body some love, don’t just gobble till you wobble, give your body some thanks. Here is a pre or post Thanksgiving workout to enjoy this Turkey Day to make sure you feel your BEST this holiday season.

Post Thanksgiving workout notes: I would wait until the next day after eating Thanksgiving dinner if you’re going with a ‘post’ workout. Let’s just say mash potatoes isn’t the best pre-workout food. Instead try some yoga and stretching on Thanksgiving evening. Check out my post: Your 10 Minute Daily Stretching Routine

Thanksgiving Day Workout

Start your Thanksgiving morning with this fun turkey workout in the image below! Maybe get the family together and see who can complete it the fastest! Have questions about what each exercise is? Scroll down to below the image to see a description of each exercise.

This workout should take about 20-30 minutes depending on if you choose to go back for seconds on TURKEY or PIE! You will need some light weights (try using some jugs of apple cider or canned green beans!).


S – Squats – Stand upright, then sit back in an imaginary chair, bending your knees 90 degrees and stand back up (squeeze that butt muscle at the top)
A – Arm Swings – Swing your arms in circles, crisscross or side to side and just warm up those arms
L – Lunges (Forward)
– Take a big step forward and bend both knees 90 degrees, then push back to standing with feet together. Alternate legs
A – Alternating Side Lunges
– Take a big step to the right side and bend your right knee 90 degrees while pushing your butt back into an imaginary chair. Push back into standing position with feet together. Repeat on left
D – Deadlifts (Straight Leg)
– Stand straight up, feet hip width apart, bend at the hips to touch your toes and stand back up. Do not bend your knees and keep your back flat and engaged the whole time (add weights for a challenge – like a jug of milk)


T – Tricep Dips – Sit on the edge of a chair or couch and put your hands on the edge, fingers pointing towards your hips. Bend and straighten your elbows while your hips are off just off the edge of the chair/couch dipping below the seat
U – Upright Rows – Use hand weights OR some canned green beans. Stand upright, arms straight down in front of you with palms facing your thighs. Lift your elbows up to the sky to bring your canned green beans towards your collar bone and extend back down
R – Rows (Bent Over) – Use hand weights or jugs of apple cider. Stand straight up and bend at the hips 90 degrees, let your arms hang straight below your shoulders, pull your elbows up toward the sky (squeeze between your shoulder blades!) than come back down. Make sure your back is flat the whole time
K – Kicks (Forward – 15 Each Leg) – Stand upright, bring your right knee up and kick out your foot like you are about to break open a door. Come back to standing and repeat with the other leg
E – Explosive Squats – Squats but this time add a jump at the top
Y – Y – Raise (Superman’s) – Lay on your stomach with arms extended in a Y shape overhead. Lift your arms and legs off the ground in a slow and controlled manner then place back down


P – Pushups – Find plank position on your hands and bend your elbows so your chest hovers over the floor and back up. Modify by dropping your knees to the floor. Make sure to keep your back flat and core engaged
I – Inch Worms – Find plank position, walk your hands back to your feet (try to keep your legs straight and feel a stretch!), stand up tall and bring your arms up to the ceiling. Bend into a forward fold and walk your hands back out to plank and repeat
E – Elbow Plank (30 Seconds) – Find plank on your elbows and hold. Make sure your back doesn’t dip and make sure your hips don’t go up to the sky, keep everything flat
S – Side Plank Dips (Each side) – Find side plank (lay on your right side, right elbow under right shoulder, legs extended straight, feet stacked and lift your hips up the sky) and lift and lower your hips to a hover. Repeat on the other side

Now go eat some Turkey and Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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