At Home Workout: No Equipment

I use to be a personal trainer, which means I worked and worked out in a physical gym everyday. As I changed careers and entered the corporate world, it became a lot more challenging to get to the gym, but I still did it. Once the pandemic hit, well I haven’t been to a gym since. What’s crazy is that I studied exercise science in school and was a personal trainer for 8 years, but I didn’t have more then a yoga mat and some bands at my house. I have grown my at home gym since quarantine, but I have come to realize how fun and easy a workout at home with no equipment can actually be. So here is an example workout to do at home with no equipment. Of course, if you have some hand weights, feel free to grab them for an added challenge.

Type: Full body, body weight strengthening, toning and cardio
Time needed: 45-60 minutes (based on 2-3 rounds)
Rests: 2 minutes between circuits, < 30 seconds between exercises
Level: Intermediate – Advanced
No equipment needed

Summary workout is in image, scroll down to see details on each exercise

At Home Workout: No Equipment

Warm Up

Arm Swings – 30 seconds
Swing arms forward/back, crisscross or arm circles, whatever feels good
Jumping Jacks – 30 seconds
Squat plus Calf Raise – 1 minute
Squat slow and deep to stretch out the legs, then come up to your tippy toes to warm up your calves
Side Lunges – 1 minute
Step right leg far out to the right, bend your right knee 90 degrees keeping your left leg straight, don’t let your knee go over your toes. Push off right foot to come back to standing, repeat on the other side

Circuit 1 (Repeat 2-3x)

Alternating Forward Lunges – 10 each leg

Step your right leg far forward, get about a 90 degree bend in both knees, make sure your right knee doesn’t go over your right toes. Step back to meet your left. Repeat on the left
Push-ups – 12 reps
Hold a plank (drop to knees for modification), bend elbows out to sides until your chest hovers over the floor, push back up. Do not let your low back drop
High Knees – 30 seconds
Stand tall, alternate drawing knees up to 90 degrees, move as fast as you can making it more like a run for a good cardio burst
Jump Rope – 30 seconds
Bring feet together and hands out to side and do an imaginary jump rope. For a challenge bring both knees high up into more of a tuck jump
Superman Elbow Pinches – 15 reps
Lay on your stomach on the floor, extend arms overhead and feet long, lift both arms and both legs. Pull elbows back as if they are trying to touch behind your back, then extend overheard again. Keep your arms/chest and legs lifted the whole time

Circuit 2 (Repeat 2-3x)

Backward Lunge plus Front Kick – 10 each leg
Step right leg far backwards, bend both knees about 90 degrees. As you bring your right leg forward to meet your left, stand up straight and kick your right leg straight in front of you (try to get to hip height level)
Speed Bag – 30 seconds each arm
Lift your right arm straight out to your side and bend your elbow at 90 degrees, make fast small circles with your forearm as if your fist is hitting a speed bag (or like you are fist pumping at a great concert). Repeat on other side
Squat to Kneeling – 10 each leg
Start in a squat, step right foot back as if you were going into a backward lunge, drop right knee to floor, lift left foot and bring your left knee to meet the right so you are kneeling, then bring your right foot forward into a lunge and come to standing. Repeat other side
Tricep Push-ups – 12 reps

Come in to plank but bring your hands in a little more narrow. As you go down into a push up, keep your elbows in towards your rib cage. Drop to your knees for modification

Abs Circuit (Repeat 2-3x)

Plank Up-downs – 30 seconds
Start in a plank on your hands. Drop right elbow down to mat, then drop left elbow down to mat. Press your right hand back up and then left hand back up to starting position plank, repeat other side. Make sure your hips stay as still as possible
Sit-ups – 1 minute
Lay down on your back and bend your knees so your feet are flat on the ground. Lift your chest all the way up to meet your knees and lower back down
Russian Twist – 1 minute
Start seated on the ground, bend knees 90 degrees, so feet are flat on the ground, lean back keeping your back flat. Twist to the right, then to the left. Lift your legs off the ground for a challenge
Side Plank Dips – 30 seconds each side

Lay on the ground on your left side, stack your hips and feet, draw your left elbow under your left shoulder (go up on your hand for a challenge). Lift your hips up to the sky then hover back over the ground. Modify by leaving your left knee on the ground
Mountain Climbers – 30 seconds
Start in a plank position on your hands keeping your back flat. Draw your right knee into your chest then your left. Make the movement fast and almost like you are jogging. 

Cool Down

Downward Dog to Lunge – alternating legs – 1 minute

Start in downward facing dog, draw left leg forward to meet your left hand and find lunge, lift your hands up tall and get a small arch in your back to stretch out the front of your leg. Go back into downward dog and repeat other side
Seated Hamstring Stretch – 30 seconds each leg

Sit on the ground, extend your right leg out to the side and bend your left knee so your left foot touches your right inner thigh (shown in picture). Fold your chest over your right leg and try to touch your nose to your knee
Seated IT Band Stretch – 30 seconds each leg

In a seated position on the floor, bend your knees so your feet are flat on the ground, bring your right ankle to cross over your left thigh. Gently push your right knee away from your chest. Repeat other side
Spinal Twist – lying down – 30 seconds each side

Lay down on your back, bring your right knee into your chest with your left hand, cross your right knee over to the left, maybe it touches the ground. Keep your right arm extended to the right side and look to the right, keeping both shoulders flat on the ground. Repeat other side

Closing Remarks

I completed this workout in 50 minutes. I did each circuit 2 times through and then a final round of all three circuits back to back (“finisher round”). I limited my rests times, had to modify my planks by the last abs circuit. I was definitely sore the next day! It’s a tough but fun workout. Let me know how your workout went.

Tip: Check out PopSugar Workouts for more at home, no equipment needed workouts.

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