The Secret to Working out during the Work day: Your post workout routine

Ever wonder how people go for a run over their lunch break without being gross, exasperated and sweaty back at their desk? Well, I may have cracked the code on that one, especially for my ladies. I went from working full time in a gym wearing yoga pants as a personal trainer to working in a corporate office with heels and cute dresses. Exercise is still really important to me and unfortunately I am not really a morning or evening exerciser, I really love to workout around 11am. So I’ve had to do some trial and error on how to figure out how to master exercising in the middle of my work day and not be a sweaty mess in my next meeting. 

I will say, these hacks also work if you need to go anywhere after a workout, whether its a dinner party, a date or just a stop at the grocery store.  So here’s to whatever adventure you have post workout.

Here’s my suggestions for getting back to work after a workout at the office, and guess what… it does not involve a shower.

Do not Shower

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So let me say why I don’t suggest a shower after a workout for my ladies who have to run back into a meeting or anywhere important:

  • The shower makes you just as hot and humid, only crazy people take cold showers
  • Your clothes feel sticky because well it’s humid in the shower room and you have to change quickly
  • It takes too long! You now have to blow dry your hair and re do your makeup, and now you  have to cut your workout short to fit all that in. It’s not even worth it and you’re a busy woman!
  • You sweat even more cause you just had to blow dry your hair (insert eye roll)

The Secret

In place of a shower, I suggest you get:

So here’s what you do after your workout:

  1. Go into the bathroom and wipe everything with one of the suggested wipes 
    • These wipes help cool your skin down, remove your salty sweat, make you smell good and feel refreshed
    • I have very sensitive skin and have never had a problem with any of the ones I recommended. The brand Cetaphil has always been recommended to me by skin doctors, so I would use them if you have concerns
  2. Change into your gorgeous work outfit (make sure you brought extra undergarments to change into)
  3. If you brought the hair dryer, put it on COOL and blow it on your neck and hair to help dry off any sweat
  4. Spray dry shampoo all over that luscious hair
    • The other big secret is dry shampoo. My hair gets super sweaty sometimes, so blowing it with a hair dryer on COOL plus a healthy amount of dry shampoo gets me to a comfortable place 
    • I typically just wear my hair in a cute ponytail after my workout cause I want to keep my neck cool
  5. Throw on some deodorant and body spray
  6. Go back to work and slay that meeting

Tip: Buy yourself one of these awesome little USB desk fans for your desk and make sure to stay hydrated. These tips can help bring your heart rate down and let your body cool down throughout the afternoon.

Fun Fact:  I never thought of using body wipes after a workout until I was trekking through Peru and had no access to showers for a week. I bought the body wipes to get me through the week and it seriously did wonders, it cooled my skin down, made me smell good and made me “feel” clean. 

Oh and I’m not anti showers over here, I’m just pro efficiency. I’m still a big advocate for showers, so consider taking one when you get home from work 😉 

Checklist for your work day gym bag:

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  • Change of clothes for the workout 
    • Sports Bra and extra underwear
    • Socks
    • Sneakers
    • Wick away T-shirt
    • Exercise pants or shorts 
    • Hair band
    • If you will be going outdoors for a workout think of the weather, you may need a hat, sunglasses, or a light jacket
  • Headphones
  • Water bottle
  • Optional: Fitness watch, armband water bottle, whatever else you like to exercise in 
  • Toiletries
    • Hair brush
    • Deodorant
    • Body spray/mist
    • Hair dryer (for using COOL setting)
    • Hair products/straightener/curler (optional)
    • Makeup (optional)
    • Body Wipes
    • Dry Shampoo

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